Avolites Art 4000

  1. 148 channels at 16 amps per channel

  2. 2100% duty cycle

  3. 3Double pole circuit breakers available, both live and neutral protected

  4. 4Three Phase operation

  5. 5Individual faders for each channel for use as channel test, scene setting or for controlling the on-board memories

  6. 6Two isolated DMX inputs with DMX merge

  7. 7Full softpatch in module - any dimmer channel to any DMX channel on both lines

  8. 8Large back-lit LCD display showing patching, dimmer levels and status

  9. 9Internal memories for stand-alone operation, each with master fader

  10. 10Link facility to allow module faders to become memory masters for the entire rack or system

  11. 1116 dimming response curves

  12. 12Output voltage limit from 1% to 100%

  13. 13Mains frequency tracking

  14. 14Input power on Powerloc connectors

  15. 15Loop out power connectors

  16. 1616 Socapex outputs

  17. 174 Socapex mains input

  18. 18Voltage metering

  19. 19Current metering

  20. 20RCB protection on all channel

  21. 213 x 16a ø & 1 x 32a 3ø utility power