The ColorSpot 1200 AT is designed as the ultimate creative tool for large theatre, TV and live shows and for installations in multi-purpose venues and large clubs.The fixture uses a powerful Philips 1200 SA discharge lamp lightsource. This is further boosted by a high quality super-efficient optical system, making the ColorSpot 1200 AT one of the brightest moving fixtures currently on the market. Major features include a versatile CMY colour mixing system, variable CTO plus an additional colour wheel, 12 rotating indexable, replaceable dichroic glass gobos on two wheels offering 48 gobo combinations, iris, 4 rotating prisms and effects, variable frost, an incredibly flexible 13 – 42 degree linear zoom, remote focus, dimmer and shutter. Its progressive colour temperature correction system – from 5600K to 3200K is designed for use in television and film applications.

  1. 1Gobo Animation

  2. 2CMY colour mixing and 7 position colour wheel

  3. 37 Interchangable rotating indexable gobos

  4. 49 Intercahangable fixed gobos

  5. 5Rotating Prism and motorised iris

  6. 6Motorised zoom (15'-51') and focus

  7. 7Intelligent fan control for quieter operation